It is not a replacement for Vimeo
It is not a replacement for YouTube
It IS another tool for the toolbox
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Wistia uses several top-tier global content delivery networks to deliver our content with multiple POPs, so the content is delivered to the viewer from a server that is closest in physical location. Our encodes are optimized for quick load times and smooth playback, so viewers will have an enjoyable experience and stay engaged in your content. Vimeo encodes their videos in their “HD” format, which is just a mega-jacked up bit rate. This looks great for sweet slow motion squirrel suit videos or time lapses of a sunset, but can cause some latency/load time issues when watching the video. People who want entertainment content don’t mind waiting a bit for the video to start up, but this is pretty terrible for business video and can cause a bunch of people to bounce and never watch your content. That can lead to missed opportunities as folks who may have watched/engaged in your content never make it a second in.

Another major difference is our feature set, which helps you put your videos to work. We provide full control over the customization of the player, so you can fit it in with the design of your site and add actionable features such as social sharing buttons, post-roll calls to action, and an “email required to watch” gate. Our analytics show you how your audience is engaging with your content, second by second, so you can improve your message and keep folks more engaged.

We also have a great and growing community that is proving to be a fantastic resource for folks! (or so I hear:) ) http://wistia.com/community.


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Is KPD right for me?
Success stories – Letty

Kidney Paired Donation.  KPD.   It’s a transplant option for patients with an incompatible living donor.

In other words….a candidate has a friend or family member who wants to be his living donor….but they don’t match.   Transplantation is still possible through KPD by linking together “pairs” of compatible people. 

Here’s a recent KPD exchange that involves 3 pairs to show how it works.  

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Letty, a KPD success story. from Bobby Holliday on Vimeo.

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